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Solutions can grow along with customers’ business
As customers’ grow, there will eventually be a need to increase the frequency of data collection transactions and new functionalities. Along with new transactions, additional transaction volume may also be required at some point due to their growth. The Group frequently advises its customers that investing in the wrong system will commit them to spending countless hours integrating and standardising their data collection system which translates to wasted resources and exponential increase in costs.

The Group’s solutions are built upon a modular infrastructure which is both adaptable and flexible and is scalable with its customers’ business requirements, thereby mitigating many of the risks involved with typical upgrades. System downtime is minimal as upgrades are made in hours or days, not weeks or months. Because of this, its customers business is up and running quickly with new functionality that accurately addresses the unique needs of their business operations.


Reduce or eliminate paper work
Filling out paperwork is a tedious and time-consuming process. In operations that incorporate a high degree of sorting, companies often allocate armies of personnel just to sort things, a process that may also involve extensive paper documentation—adding hours or days to the completion process. By leveraging on Enterprise Mobility Solutions to automate the data collection and sorting process, precious time and labour can be saved.


Ability to monitor and validate data in real-time
Although a standard data collection system is adequate in replacing a manual system, most do not take advantage of the ability to validate data in real time. Companies not utilising real-time data validation is exposed to the possibility of entering transaction not in sequential order resulting in many hours of unproductive time. The real-time data validation offered by the Group can help eliminate literally hundreds of errors per day—errors that would otherwise need to be manually tracked down and corrected at some point in the future.


Ability to access data using wireless/mobile technology
Customers are now being subjected to incredibly high standards when it comes to response times to their customers. Whether it is the ordering process, the sales force, the customer service staff or the delivery function, the infrastructure and devices for wireless access to real-time data are now available in the market and companies are expected to utilise them. The benefits of its wireless Enterprise Mobility technology are apparent in situations requiring inventory management at remote sites, field service operations or asset management.


Solutions are able to provide alerts about upcoming events
In a warehouse or distribution centre with thousands of SKUs, it is impossible for one person to actively and physically monitor the current inventory level of every single item. But with Enterprise Mobility Solutions, warehouse managers no longer need to actively and physically monitor and control active inventory levels of goods in a warehouse but instead can have such information at the tip of their fingers. WarehouseForce™ can generate instant, real-time notifications when key items such as items critical to production, items with longer lead times, and items with a high turnover rate—reach a defined low stock point. These notifications can be sent in a variety of ways, including via e-mail, to a paging device or even to a cell phone as a voice message. In addition, event notification can be used at any point where data is being electronically collected—including the receiving dock, the shipping area and the time clock.



Robust customer support
To consistently meet its customers requirements and expectations, the Group is able to provide 24/7 customer support service and support options service levels that are unique within the Enterprise Mobility industry.

The Group’s value proposition to customers is its dedication and commitment in providing the best support service. Such customer support can be provided via email, telephone, fax, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted on the websites that will address most of the questions posed by the customers ranging from general questions about its products and solutions to more complex issues.



Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
Most of the Group’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions are designed to be easily integrated into the existing backend systems of its customers. This will not only ensure that the implementation process will be hassle free, but it will also lower the cost of ownership of its products substantially.

The AFSB Group takes pride of the fact that all its solutions and technologies were developed in-house, through the knowledge and expertise of the R&D team. This has allowed the Group to engineer a high degree of cost savings into its solutions, enabling the Group to competitively price its end-to-end solutions.