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WarehouseForceTM Solution
To actively compete in today's ever-changing business environment, companies need a warehouse management system with robust, adaptable functionality that can stand the test of time. WarehouseForceTM solutions are Web-enabled applications which are able to do just that, through a comprehensive system that can supplement warehouse management operations with functionality for supply chain visibility and event management, transportation and yard management, collaborative inventory management, supplier execution enablement, data collection and RFID. The solutions are able to track the movement of inventory within a warehouse, generate reports, handle wireless inquiries and facilitate paperless goods transactions, amongst its many features.

WarehouseForceTM is a suite which presently comprises a Warehouse Management System module, which will soon include the following modules in due course: Freight Management System, Transport Management System and Transportation Enforcement Solution. Once the development of all the above modules (apart from the Warehouse Management System module) is completed, the suite will be able to provide an end-to-end solution to monitor the goods in warehouses before the goods are taken out. It will also manage, analyse and predict the best route to ship the goods to the end customers. This includes booking and managing freight for delivery, mainly for export of goods.

WarehouseForceTM makes use of mobile handheld terminals which are able to communicate with a central computer via wireless protocols. This connectivity allows information to be captured, transmitted and received in real-time, enabling a company to speed up the entire fulfilments process. These solutions allow a company to:

1. Manage all the operations and parameters within their warehouse
2. Access their warehouses' back-end systems through the use of 802.11 LANs
3. Make inquiries on the location of specific items within the warehouse through the use of handheld devices
4. Automate the transfer of stock from one location to another
5. Accurately track the movement and shipment of all goods through the use of RFID tags and scanners
6. Paperless processing of physical inventories
7. Incorporate powerful security systems in order to safeguard sensitive information