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RouteForce™ Solutions

RouteForce™ is a mobile Field Force Automation application with Mobile handheld computer and printer. RouteForce™ was designed to help customers automate and simplify processes by allowing mobile workforce (e.g. sales representative) to have access to stock availability details, customer details and pricing information on their PDAs or mobile phone during the sales operation. By having access to such information, sales personnel will be able to better serve their customers and to nurture stronger customer relationships. Such empowerment may help in improving productivity of a company’s operations.

The RouteForce™ solutions are user-friendly software suite which offers effective solutions for people on the move. This system was entirely in-house developed, leveraging upon the Group’s knowledge coupled with experience and feedback from its customers. RouteForce™ solutions are also able to create a paperless workflow, doing away with the need to manually key-in daily e-order transactions and information. This significantly reduces errors and administrative time and cost requirements which are normally associated with manual data entry. Through improvements in accuracy and efficiency, a company stands to increase its sales and profits significantly.

AFSB Group: Compatible Technology and Hardware for Our Solutions

Compatible Software Compatible Hardware
4G/3G/Edge/GPRS Wireless Technology Handheld Computer
Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) 802.11a/b/g/n     
Industry Smartphone
Bluetoooh Wireless Technology Smart Phone
Windows Mobile, iOS, Android Operating System Tablet


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