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SmartParking™ is a complete solution that covers the frontend smart phone parking application (register, reload, park and pay), backend reporting and handheld enforcement to complete the application suite.

     SmartParking™ system consists of the following features:

  • Smart Phone App (support Android and iOS)
  • Display 3 languages, e.g Bahasa, English, Chinese.
  • Real time Reload of parking air time using Debit/Credit card, FPX service and eWallet via Smart Phone App.     
  • Search and Pay parking compound
  • Register unlimited number of vehicle
  • Notification alert to user 5 minute before parking air time expire
  • Will not accidently pay for parking during non-payment hour
  • Running timer on remaining parking time
  • List of  coupon agents GPS location near to user’s vehicle park
  • Enforcement  Checking against Parked Vehicle
  • Third Party Payment Gateway API Integration
  • Data is store in Cloud in real time
  • Digital receipt for every reload and monthly report statement will email to user
  • Smart Phone Parking Reporting Application (Backend )