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M3 White

M3 White for Healthcare.

M3 White is the first slim, rugged PDA available with an anti-infection casing. The Aegis shield will provide you with years of reliable hassle-free operation while protecting medical environments from the spread of infection. Aegis technology provides the ability of these devices to be regularly sterilized without degrading their housings and durability.

The M3 White will enhance medical productivity and make you medical IT operations cost efficient.


The M3 White rugged PDA is designed for healthcare applications such as point-of-care, nursing station work, ICU's and inventory control, and key features such as:

• Aegis Anti-bacterial shield
• Built-in barcodeader (1D/2D) for barcode based data capture
• WLAN Wi-Fi for real time exchange of mission critical medical data
• Bluetooth for connectivity to a variety of peripherals, such as portable printers
• Color Camera for instant photography
• Optional integrated RFID 13.56Mhz
• WAN (GPRS/Edge/3G) communications provide real-time, outside the four wall, trace & tracking for pharmaceutical supply chain management and home care service.
• Rugged device with IP65 & 5 feet drop on concrete
• Slim & light design

The M3 White is perfect for Healthcare solutions.

Using the M3 White for enterprise mobility solutions within healthcare will enable the deployment of key operational changes whilst maintaining the sterility of medical environments.

M3 White is the perfect IT tool for today’s busy mobile medical worker. Increasing efficiency and patient safety are key fundamentals in information technology upgrades for the industry.